September 2017
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out of Europe back to Africa- my trip back to my motherland avter 60 days in Germany

The journey back to my homeland started on the early afternoon when my host Mr. Thomas Sklorz accompanied me to Hanover Airport. The journey started in the morning hours. It was breakfast as usual but this time, my breakfast mood was changed. I took just a cup of milk and splashed it with instant coffee that Thomas had picked while he visited Karagwe early in the year.

And then, I had my bags into the car and Thomas started the engine of his newly acquired Mercedes Benz car. The first stop was back to radio Tonkuhle. Here the staff who were there, could not hold their amusement and joy seeing me again, even though 2 days earlier, all had gathered to make a farewell tost to me. I could read from their eyes the happiness and friendship. No sooner than Thomas told me was time to start the trip to hanover.

As it not to lose track of my friends in Hildeshiem, it was Mr. Thomas Brien of the Arbeit und Dritter Welt e.V. who intercepted me and urged that, I have a cup of tea with him before I left the Germany soil!
Great ties and bonds of friendship!?

And for my supervisor Mr. Klaus Wilheim was surprised that, the people of Hildeshiem did not want to let me leave!? But it was time to leave the new life and community and return to Tanzania, but with a great assurance that, this was the beginning of a very long journey together.

And now it was the job of Thomas Sklorz to bring me to Hanover. The feeling that, I was now coming to the end of somewhat 120 days together, made him distracted that when we can to the first roundabout into the highway from Hildesheim to hannover, Thomas instead continued on the turn to Pein. Eh I asked Thomas, where are we going? not to Pein this time but to Hanover!?

Ah, Joseph I do not know where I am now”, Thomas said. We have to turn and take the road to hanover. I could read in his eyes that, the sentiments of having me leave were not easy to swallow. The journey to hanover was not straight as I had to fit in various programs that had been organised that day by the people of Hildesheim that saw me go off the highway into villages such as Neustadt.

The people of Hildesheim wished that my life and work back was never the same again. That the friendship can continue with many activities organised where they can participate in my life and work in an active way. After a nice cake made of strawberries, it was time to the airport.

We drove straight to the A terminal for international departures. I had to surrender the house keys to Thomas. I was also taking care of the car keys and had to hand them over to Thomas in good spirit. There was a bit of delay because the parking machine at the airport near terminal A only accepted 2 euro coins, so Thomas had to run in and out the airport restaurants whe refused to give change unless he bought something. He ended buying a cold cup of tea out of the 20 Euro note he had just for the sake of change.

It was about 45 minutes later that the rest of my colleagues appeared, and the journey home was ripe with none lost but all in good health. After exchanging greetings, it was time to say good bye to my host Thomas Sklorz but with the promise of remaining in touch, and with the optimism that, this was not the end.

Soon after Thomas had left, I realized that our Coordinator Mr. Goerg May had commissioned his parents to come and bid farewell. What a very humble gesture!? And the old couple was there. I did not know them before a no one introduced them to me at first untill long at the end after we had all checked in our luggage.

Angelika and Susan were there too. And as clock ticked, the gate 2 was opened and it was time to say good bye to final security checks. I remember some minute exchange of photographs. My camera jammed as the batteries were used up and missed to take that last minute photographs.

It was funny going through security checks because with the new restrictions, as it happens for regular travellers, any metal particles can be detected through ther scanners and no liquids nor jellies are allowed. It was some drama for those who had these articles in their luggage. And very soon was the time to boarder the KLM hopper to Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam, the walk was really long to gate B3 where the KQ boeing 787-200 was waiting to bring us out of Europe back to Africa. But before we got onto this big bird, we had to make our exit through immigration. The plane from Amsterdm was pletty full. On board were a very big group people from the USA who were travelling to Kenya to “give people there fish instead of teaching them how to fish”. One was sitted next to me and we did exchange some experiences and then, the secret was revealed.

The big bird although seemed of age, was really swift. The take off at Amsterdam seemed as though it will not take it to greater hieghts but as soon as we neared the end of the run-way, it ascended into the skies with over 150 passengers on board.

the tonkuhle team saying bye to Joseph Sekiku

radio Tonkuhle staff with Joseph Sekiku


Siku ya Ijumaa hadi jJma pili kulikuwa na maonyesho ya soko la Dunia ambapo kulikuwa na mataifa mbalimbali kutoka duniani kote, huku watoto wakipewa kiupambele katika maonyesho hayo.

Huyu hapa Aghata Ngonyani akielezea zaidi katika mahojiano.

Rathaus Masala 1

Johnson na Frida- radio LeineHertz

Former Germany President to participate in roundtable discussion on EAC

Former German president Horst Köhler is expected to take part in the high level roundtable discussion themed, ‘ambitions and reality of the East African Community in the globalising world’, scheduled for Thursday this week here.

He said invitees to the forum include politicians, civil society organisations, businessmen, labour organisations, students as well as members of the media and academia. According to Othieno, EAC secretary-general, Dr Richard Sezibera, would grace the roundtable discussion’s opening ceremony.

Othieno said the new EAC SG would use the opportunity to highlight some of the key priority areas he intends to pursue during his tenure as head of the bloc’s key body as well as revisit challenges inherited from the previously leadership.

Mr Otieno  also informed that chairperson of the EAC Business Council (EABC) Consolata Ndayishimiye would give at the same forum, the business perspective of the EAC in her presentation headlined, ‘Opportunities of regional integration in East Africa’.

Othieno said, Dr Köhler would discuss the presentations. Dr Bernadeta Kiliani, Dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication of the University of Dar es Salaam, would moderate the discussion, he said.

explore the work of Joseph Sekiku and of FADECO in the internet

Development in all its multifaced ways, presupposes good infrastructure. In the modern ways, we can say that, access to the internet as well as other ICTS, can really change the way things move. One of my experiences while in Germany, is how cheap and affordable, ICTS are. I have come to learn that, with 30 euro in a month, one can have access to unlimited internet access as well as telephone within Germany. This is about TShs 60,000/- per month.

When I compare my personal spending per month on ICTS, internet connectivity costs me USD 200 ( about TShs 300,000/- ) per month and even the bandwidth is only 128Kbps down and only 64Kbps uplink. The relative connectivity in Germany is some 1-3 Mbps and compare the cost. Telephone costs me some TYShs 60,000/- per month for each of AIRTEL simcard and 60,000/- for the Vodacom Simcard. I also have a landline connection with a fax and in total cost about TShs 80,000/- per month.

Due to connectivity being low, It has proved very difficult and impossible to do radio streaming live. Even doing what one can do, is relatively difficult. I have been able to watch television and listen to radio while at the same time atch movies all via computer something which is difficult in my working environmnet.

One interesting feature that I have discovered due to better Access to internet while on my visit to Germany, I have been able  to discover what a wealth of information exist about my life and work, as documented by different people that have interacted with me in my working environment in Karagwe. Visit this site to discover more for yourself. This site provides 14 videos about Karagwe, Joseph sekiku and all thos surrounds him. In various videos you can capture my long jourmey of bring development to Karagwe. Sekiku\’s development journey in videos

But this put aside, I have been able to follow up lessons and online training via live skype conferences.  Therefore, unless communication infrastructure is improved in developing countries including Tanzania, it will be difficult to dream of a fast development process. Because communication is the driving forcce. One thing I have learnt is that with good connectivity, one can do a lot of things.  I have travelled to different places and all my travel plans including purchasing tickets, was all done on my computer without the need to travel to counters. This is great. Why then should we not invest in communication technologies?


The Tanzania budget for 2011/2012 has been tabled by the Minister of Finance Hon. Mustafa Mkulo and has prioritized 5 main areas that touch the ordinary citizen in the daily struggle for survival.

Minister Mkulo cited the high of the price of oil coupled with supply disruptions, power crisis and food shortages as having seriously affected local prices.

In this budget, the government would review the 22 various taxes and service charges on oil, with a view to eliminating some and reducing others to offer relief to the consumer

Whereas this budget looks realistic in some respects, some members have criticized it. There is much debate now going on in the country, but my major concern is that, whereas strategies and plans for spending have been well laid out, there are no serious parrallel plans for generating the revenue.

The government therefore has to look at taxation as a major source of revenue. People want fat salaries, but they do not ask themselves: BUT WHERE WILL THE MONEY COME FROM.

If you want to read more this new budget, you can browse it here as an attachment.

Tanzania Budget speech 2011-2012Tanzania Budget speech 2011-2012


Umaskini ni wimbo ambao umezoeleka sana katika bara la Afrika kwani nchi nyingi zimekuwa zikijitahidi kutafuta njia mbalimbali kutatua tatizo.

Mathalani nchini Tanzania hali imekuwa ngumu kadili siku zinavyokwenda na zipo taarifa kuwa mwananchi wa kawaida inaishi chini ya dola moja kwa mlo wa siku moja na hili limepelekea kuwa na ongezeko la ombaomba katika nchi hiyo.

Lakini hali ni tofauti sana hapa nchini Ujerumani hasa katika mji wa Oldenburg ambapo kuna duka lijulikanalo kama OLDENBURGER TAFEL,hili ni duka linalotoa huduma kwa watu wasiojiweza hasa ya vyakula.

Nilizungumza na Mama Inka Ibendall ambaye ndiye msimamizi wa huduma hiyo na kusema kuwa kwa kawaida duka hilo ufunguliwa kila siku za Jumatatu,Jumatano na Alhamis na wanatoa huduma ya vyakula jamii ya mikate,matunda pamoja na achali.

Bidhaa zote hupatikana baada ya kukusanywa kutoka katika maduka ya kawaida au Supamaketi ni zile ambazo zimekaa muda mrefu madukani bila ya kupata wateja.

“Duka linahudumia watu zaidi ya 750 likiwa na wanachama zaidi ya 250 ambao ndiyo ujitolea kufanikisha huduma hiyo” alisema Mama Ibendall.

Alisema watu wote wanaohudumiwa na jumuiya hiyo ni lazima wapate kibali kutoka serikalini ambayo inathibitisha kweli mtu huyo anahitaji huduma hiyo ambayo upatiwa bure kwa wahitaji baada ya kuthibitishwa anapatiwa kibali ambacho kinamwezesha kupata huduma katika maduka yote yenye kutoa huduma hiyo.

Shughuli zote za uendeshaji wa huduma hiyo hufanywa na wanachama maalum ambao huchangia kati ya euro 3 hadi 150 kulingana na uwezo wa mtu na kuna jumla ya maduka 60 yanayotoa huduma hiyo hapa Oldenburg huku wafanyakazi wake wakiwa ni wa kujitolea au wale wanaohukumiwa na mahakama adhabu za kutumikia jamii! Hiyo ndiyo hali halisi ya maisha ya wasiojiweza.

Na:Emmanuel Msigwa


Katika maonyesho ya International church day,kama tulivyoandika mwanzoni tuliweza kukutana na mataifa mbali mbali kutoka ulimwenguni kote.

Tulipokuwa tunazunguka katika mabanda mbali mbali,tuliweza kukutana na kundi jingine la watu na tulipo wauliza walisema wanatoka mkoani Kagera wilaya ya Muleba,usharika wa ilemela.Ulikuwa ni ujembe wa vijana saba wakiongozwa na mchungaji wao ambao walikuja maalum kwa ajili ya maonyesho hayo kutoka Tanzania.

Tuliweza kufanya mahojiano na ujumbe huo kutoka Tanzania na walikuwa na haya ya kutuambia.

Frida na Johnson – Radio LeineHertz – HANNOVER

A visit to the capital of Germany and freedom of expression

By Peter Lusaya

An incident where a leading opposition figure in Tanzania politics Mr Freeman Mbowe was arrested and subsequently sent  to court has been a major story in Tanzania media

Last week police in Dar es salaam arrested Mr Mbowe, the chairman  of Cham,a cha demokrasia na maendeleo (CHADEMA) following a court order for jumping bail

His arrest warrant was issued by the Arusha  court last week after allegedly jumping bail for charges of unlawful assembly and holding a banned march with other Chadema leaders

Three people were shot and killed on January 5 in Arusha north of Tanzania  while members and followers of Chedema were demonstrating in the town against the election of the city’s mayor

While several people have died, other wounded an many have faced  the long arm of the law, for demonstrating or holding unlawful assembly, things are not the same in Germany

I am not going to comment about the issue, but people ought to learn from others  about certain issue, especially when we decided to ratify the un declaration of human rights, which among other provide for the freedom of assembly and expression

During my recent visit to the Germany, capital Berlin, I was attracted by a group of 30 people who were gathered in front of the Germany chancellor MS Angela Mikel

Some few meters from the office of  MS Mikel, these people were playing music and distributing flyers to passer by. They are demonstrating demanding the closure of nuclear power plant in germany

Some 15 meters from them, two police officer are standing watching the demonstrators without taking any action!

Although the government has announced the plan to close down all nuclear power plant come the year 2022, these demonstrators are demanding the action should  start now

when I was looking at them, my memory were  in Tanzania, try to imagine what will happen to people demonstrating outside the office of prime minister and playing music! Just because they are against certain  government policies

It may worth it for, Tanzania also to think of giving freedom of assembly and expression to its citizen as their Germany counterparties enjoy


Katika maadhimisho ya sikukuu ya kupaa kwa YESU alimaarufu kama CHURCH DAY ambapo makanisa mbalimbali yalifika katika mji wa DRESDEN uliopo Ujerumani mashariki tulikutana na BRIGITTE ambaye ameishi ARUSHA TANZANIA kwa kipindi cha mwaka mmoja na anashugulika na mradi wa UKIMWI uliopo katika nchi za Afrika ya Kusini na Uganda.

Hapa chini anaelezea jinsi mradi huo ulivyo huku akiwa na matumaini ya kujiunga na chuo kikuu cha Dar es salaam mwezi septemba mwaka huu.

Johnson na Frida- Radio LeineHertz HANNOVER

The virus does not know any moral

HIV and AIDS is a big problem in Tanzania. What I did not know is that this is also a problem in Germany. 3000 people have new infections every year.

I went to the AIDS help foundation in Wilhelmshaven to talk with Susanne Ratzer. She told me how the AIDS founfation is working in general.