September 2017
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UN calls for subsidized renewable energy

THE government has been urged to subsidize renewable energy to enable many people, especially those in the rural areas, to afford it.

Giving an overview of the Technology and Innovation report launched on Wednesday by the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD), REPOA Executive Director, Prof Samuel Mwita Wangwe, noted that with subsidies, many will be able to access the energy

He noted that currently only 14 per cent of Tanzanians and 30 per cent of the African population has access to electricity, leaving a large percentage without the energy which is important for development.

“The government is currently formulating a policy on renewable energy, it is possible for many people, especially in rural areas, to access this energy, which can also be used to mitigate climate change,” he explained

Prof Wangwe said the report notes that, in order to absorb the technology, developing countries need capacity, while the international communities are to support these countries in this process.

He said the report has also outlined mechanisms for use when employing these technologies, noting that it is high time for developing countries to be innovative and embrace the opportunities.

Apart from being environmentally friendly, Prof Wangwe noted that groups that spend a long time seeking for alternative energy, for instance firewood, will be able to use that time for other developmental activities.

“Women and children will now be using less time to go into forests, looking for firewood and this will also be the answer for those using charcoal in the country,” he said.

courtesy of daily news-Tanzania

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