September 2017
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Emran Erdogan, arrested last week on suspicion of being an operative of Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab terrorist groups, has been deported to Germany after Tanzania police completed its part of the investigation process.

It was reported last week that police from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Germany – were jointly interrogating Erdogan (24), [...]

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The Germany government is expected to fund over euro 800 million for refurbishment of M.V Liemba, probably the world’s oldest passenger ship in operation.

The ship has become something of a legend in Tanzania, Germany and in other countries, which run along the eastern shore of Lake Tanganyika.

M. V Liemba is of immense importance to Tanzania [...]

Use natural gas instead of oil, govt told

TANZANIA would have lessened its use of public funds and foreign currency had the government converted its vehicles to use the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) found abundantly in the country instead of oil.

A research conducted by two lecturers from the Tanzania Institute of Transport (NIT) and presented  before some institute’s students and lecturers, shows that [...]

UN calls for subsidized renewable energy

THE government has been urged to subsidize renewable energy to enable many people, especially those in the rural areas, to afford it.

Giving an overview of the Technology and Innovation report launched on Wednesday by the United Nations Conference for Trade and Development (UNCTAD), REPOA Executive Director, Prof Samuel Mwita Wangwe, noted that with subsidies, many [...]

Students challenged to protect environment

TANZANIAN students have been urged to be agents of change towards protection of their environment by being involved practically and by holding discussions on climate change.

The call was part of resolutions after a one day symposium to discuss climate change at the Institute of Social Work (ISW) in Dar es Salaam over the week-end.

Under the [...]

Access to sustainable energy still far cry

TANZANIA continues to experience an increasing scarcity of affordable, reliable and sustainable energy at household level, which affects over 94 per cent of the total population.

Energy and Environment Specialist at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) office in Dar es Salaam, Mr Bariki Kaale says in a research he made recently that providing clean and [...]


Moto mkubwa ambao umewashwa na watu wasiojulikana umeunguza shamba la shule ya msingi Rwamugurusi iliyoko wilayani Karagwe.

 Tatizo la uchomaji moto mwaka huu limedhibitiwa ipasavyo na uongozi wa wilaya kuanzia ngazi za vitongoji,vijiji,kata hadi wilayani.Watu wasiopenda maendeleo huwa hawakosi katika jamii na ndivyo ilivyotokea kama unavyoiona picha hii.

Mkuu wa wilaya ya Karagwe con. Fabian .I. Masawe [...]


Mazingira ni kitu cha muhimu sana katika kila jamii duniani na ni kitu ambacho kinahitaji umakini mkubwa, kuanzia ngazi ya familia hadi ngazi ya taifa.Ni jukumu la kila mmoja wetu kutunza mazingira

Uchafuzi wa mazingira unasababisha athari nyingi katika jamii.Mojawapo ya vyanzo  vya uchafuzi huo wa mazingira ni uchomaji moto ovyo.

Mkuu wa wilaya Karagwe baada ya [...]

Balozi wa Ujerumani ajitambulisha kwa Kikwete

Balozi wa Ujerumani ajitambulisha kwa [...]

out of Europe back to Africa- my trip back to my motherland avter 60 days in Germany

The journey back to my homeland started on the early afternoon when my host Mr. Thomas Sklorz accompanied me to Hanover Airport. The journey started in the morning hours. It was breakfast as usual but this time, my breakfast mood was changed. I took just a cup of milk and splashed it with instant coffee [...]